Originality Policy
You send a letter in which it is seen that the article is original and is not under consideration by another journal or publisher.


Items are subject to the evaluation of the Editorial Committee and once approved it two renowned specialists (as) will be sent in the area who will make the dictaminación anonymously. The dictaminación be made according to the method of double blind. The arbitrators will determine whether the item is: a) approved in its current state; b) conditional upon changes; c) rejected; d) subject to redrafting to submit to a reevaluation.
If you have a positive opinion and a negative a third opinion will be requested. The end result will be communicated to author (a) by means of a letter to be sent by email. The result of the opinions is final.
If the text is approved, the principal, a member of the editorial board or any of the editorial assistants will contact with (the) author (a) to refine the editorial details of the final version.